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Offering our expertise, guidance and thought leadership on trends and insights that affect organizations. This section delivers articles and thought leadership pieces to help simplify the complexities businesses face in an ever expanding and changing environment.                                



You can find useful business intelligence and insight to guide you understanding business and eco-systems in United States. We will update our database periodically. This section provides online resource centers that present the most comprehensive and up-to-date information for all kind of industries, businesses and individuals.



As the fastest growing accounting firm in the community, the PRP group brings depth, expertise and value to its clients. Our Tax, Audit, and Consulting professionals provide unique expertise and help you navigate complicated tax and accounting issues.


You can count on the PRP group to think strategically, to provide the sound insights that lead to positive action at every stage of your organization's life cycle. We have the experience and the resources to help you grow through our audit, tax and consulting experts. Our affiliated business network in Silicon Valley connects you with all resources that you need to thrive, we help you success in each stage in Venture Capital Cycle, our associates specializes in helping startup businesses and investors quickly create easy-to-understand accounting and financial systems.

  • Promote the development of trade and business opportunities

  • Provide a forum for the exchange of information in the network

  • Enhance co-operation between the network members

  • Assist members access available funding schemes

  • Provide a focal point for business and overseas visitors wanting to explore international trade and commerce opportunities.

  • Provide exceptional startups advisory services: controller services,
    CFO consulting, financial reporting, bookkeeping and payroll.

  • Help navigate and comply with local, state, and national regulatory requirements.

  • Specializing in comprehensive budget management, cost management, performance improvement and financial analysis.

  • Help solving a specific IT issues and setting up complex IT infrastructure for your business.

Investment and

Crafting an investment strategy requires an assessment of resources, development of objectives, analysis of choices and opportunities, and, finally, a matching of those alternatives to long-term goals. It's not an end in itself, but a means to make certain that you and your loved ones will be financially secure and that you will have the peace of mind of knowing that you have provided well for them. We provide a single point of contact that serves as the gateway for a full suite of professional services with decades of experience in key industries.

Year-End Tax
Planning for Business

Business taxation filing and reporting in the U.S. is never a pleasant task for companies, but unfortunately it has to be done and cannot be disregarded in order ensure that your business functions legally. Every company has to comply with Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regulations and its accounting standards. Tax planning is vital when doing business in the U.S. due to its’ constant changes in corporate tax regulations. Our group offers extensive tax planning and encourages the ideology that it must be commercially viable and balanced to yield tax efficiencies and mitigate the risk of challenge to your company by the tax authorities. 

Individual Tax Planning

(Income Tax)

Our professionals have long standing practical knowledge of tax servicing for individuals employed in foreign and domestic enterprises. Any business and investment decision you make will have tax consequences, which become burdens without the proper foresight. Our group possess deep expertise in the tax law, so we can minimize your tax liabilities and increase your tax savings. Our goals are to proactively help you develop tax strategies that ensure maximum cash flow, minimum liability, and compliance with ever-evolving tax laws

Real Estate and

Given the volatility of the real estate market in today's economic climate, managing your real estate investment is no easy feat. Investing in real estate can be very rewarding, as rules and regulations constantly change and the landscape becomes increasingly complex, the PRP group is skillfully positioned to provide extensive "one-stop" accounting, tax and consulting services to investors, real property developers and family-owned enterprises.



IRS issues Notice 2015-82, increasing the de minimis safe harbor requirement for deductible property repair expenses for small businesses to $2,500 after commenters say a $500 limit was too low. The $2,500 safe harbor in the notice allows businesses without applicable financial statements, such as Securities and Exchange Commission filings or audited shareholder statements, to deduct repair expenses under the safe harbor limit, rather than capitalize and depreciate them.



The Tax Court, in Estate of Badgett v. Commissioner, holds that income tax refunds that were due a taxpayer prior to his death were included in his gross estate, because the estate had the right to compel the IRS to issue a refund. The court holds that refunds issued to the taxpayer's estate following his death, should have been included in the value of the gross estate reflected on the estate tax return.



The Chief Counsel's Office, in FAA 20154702F, advises that an exception in §162 denies a taxpayer the ability to deduct a settlement amount paid to a foreign country. According to the Chief Counsel's Office, the exception in §162(a) states that no deduction is allowed for any fine or similar penalty paid to the government of a foreign country, and that a “fine or similar penalty” includes an amount paid in settlement of a taxpayer's actual or potential liability for a civil or criminal fine or penalty.


PRP Consulting Group is a United States focused accounting, taxation and business advisory firm, combining years of international expertise with practical United States experience and knowledge for individual and business. The PRP Group is an independent accounting and consulting firm based in Silicon Valley, California. Our CPAs and EAs specialize in tax planning and tax preparation for high net worth individuals, businesses, complex and international returns. Our mission is to help our clients to establish, operate and expand their businesses in the United States by offering them full range of high quality services and individually tailored financial solutions.


Keep your eyes and ears open for what's happening in legislative and administrative agencies.

From SEC to IRS, any changes come with risks and opportunities, we will help you stay on top of the issues, assess risks that may impact you and your business, and explore opportunities.

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